Sea Kayak Beagle Channel

Near the city, a morning exploring the beaches and views of the Beagle Channel in the manner of the Yamana, since some 7,000 years ago

Enjoy the experience of paddling in a legendary site, with the best specialized guides, the appropriate equipment and the adequate safety conditions

Key Detalils:

  • Duration: 8am to 2pm*

  • Includes snacks and drinks

  • Open group size: up to 6 passengers*

  • 3 hours medium intensity Sea Kayak, low difficulty walks

  • Bahía Cauquenes, Beagle Channel

  • *Also available as a private service.

Half-Day AM
Snacks and drinks included
Price in open group:
From AR$ 43 700*

* For ages 16 +


This activity in the Beagle Channel, a few kilometers from the city of Ushuaia, expands the area of ​​discovery towards the sea that has been navigated here for 7,000 years. To enjoy this experience it is necessary to know and be able to swim and exert moderate physical effort.

We offer this excursion in small open groups and in personalized experiences. Together we can create a trip tailored to the interests and expectations of any number of people, and families with children under the age of 16.


8am - 2pm *

*08:30- Arrival at Bahía Cauquenes. Equipment and technical talk.

Bahía Cauquenes, on the outskirts of the city, is the starting point of an itinerary to the West, in the direction of Tierra del Fuego National Park, along the coast of the Beagle Channel.

*09:30 - Beginning of the westbound paddling along the Beagle Channel.

After a technical and safety talk, we will dress for the occasion. The paddling will be calm and stable, in double touring kayaks, with the security provided by professional guides.

In a double sea kayak, we go along the Beagle Channel heading west enjoyin the views of a coast where the subantarctic forest meets the sea.

*12:00 Arrival to a bay sheltered from the wind – Snack -

During this activity you are the leading protagonist, so moderate effort is required. It is possible to see seabirds up close and also to get closer to a way of life that has been lost recently: that of the nomads of the sea.

*13:00 - We start kayaking back to the starting point.

In a double sea kayak, we will rediscover majestic beaches and corners that the Yámana, natives of this landscape, explored in their fragile tree bark canoes.

  • 14:00 Arrival to Bahía Cauquenes, Ushuaia.*

This excursion leaves us back at the hotel or anywhere in the city center with an unforgettable experience of the life of those who preceded us on their way through Ushuaia.

* Approximate hours. The order and schedule of activities may change as the tour develops.

Half-Day AM
Lunch and drinks included
Price in open group:
From AR$ 43 700*

* For ages 16 +

Como tour privado, ¡podemos hacer de esta experiencia un “viaje a medida”! Con la atención exclusiva de guías especializados en atender cualquier número de pasajeros de todo el mundo.