​​Sustainable Tourism in Tierra del Fuego


We know that the Beagle Channel is a place of unique features: its isolation at the southernmost part of the world, and its proximity to the White Continent make this last point of Patagonia an even more special place in the world.

The vast peat bogs, which grew by just a few millimeters a year since the last Ice Age are still here, and we want to take care of them so as to be able to share them with travelers from all over the world, for many years to come.

In Tierra del Fuego we enjoy the primeval forest; the same forest that for the last 7000 years sheltered the Yámana, the first white settlers, now tuck us in.

Currently, the tourism industry has the responsibility to reflect on the way we relate to Nature. It is our obligation to be aware of the impacts that the tourist activity can have on the environment and of its social and economic effects on this uttermost part of the Earth.

We believe that, from an approach that is mindful of the interests and expectations of those who visit us here seeking a genuine contact with the extreme Nature of Tierra del Fuego, we can foster in the local community both an ecological awareness and a sense of pride of being among the few inhabitants of this area. This awareness, we believe, will benefit those all that are here now, and also contribute on the safeguard of this Natural wealth for the future generations.

We, at Canal, an unconventional tourism agency that operates small group excursions, focus our attention on the quality of the service and on the passenger’s experience. It is also our intention to make Tierra del Fuego accessible to travelers from all over the world that are respectful of Nature and the History of our place in the world. From this approach of passion for Nature and respect for our land that unites us all in Canal, we comply on a daily basis with our commitment to the practice of the best environmental management guidelines within our reach.


We are committed to:


• Reduce the environmental impact of our excursions and refrain from invasive practices in natural environments.

• Create awareness in tourists about caring for the environment in each place we visit.

• Integrate local communities to the activities related to the tourism industy.

• Respect the socio-cultural authenticity of local communities.

• Find the most energy-efficient commodites available that comply with environmental quality standards.

• Save energy with the use of technologies that reduce its consumption.

• Reduce the use of plastic in our excursions.

• Promote the classification, recycling and responsible management of waste, in accordance with municipal and provincial guidelines.

• Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among Directors, coordinators, guides, drivers, assistants, salespersons and mechanics at Canal, and to have in mind the environmental implications of all our processes.

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