What is a “Tailor-Made Tour”?


It is a private, personalized service; a trip tailored to suit your expectations and preferences, during which the timing and activities are adapted to your tastes and your interests.

This specific kind of service ensures personalised attention from our entire company and, particularly, exclusive attention from our guides.


Each ” Tailor-Made Tour ” is based on the itineraries, activities and places that we visit in our regular tours for small groups. A ” Tailor-Made Tour ” opens the day to further personalisation: you can change the itinerary (the travel plan, starting and ending time of the service) as well as the duration and intensity of the activities, so that the whole tour adapts to your wishes.

We invite you to let us know what your interests are, what specific requests we should take into account, and what kind of trip you want to enjoy. For this, it is important for us to know in as much detail as possible your arrival and departure date, your tastes and preferences (from food to music) and your requests.

Let’s plan together a perfect day in Ushuaia!