Yachting on the Beagle Channel



Difficulty: Low

Places of interest: Beagle Channel,

Tour activities: Bird watching, Navigations, Photography, Short, easy strolls, Wildlife watching,

Season: All year round

Group Size: Yachts for up to 10 or up to 26 passengers

Meals: Tea, coffee and snacks.

Departure place and time: Ushuaia Port, 30 minutes before departure.

Type of Experience: Soft, and optional physical activity, Weather-dependent, With exposure to weather,

Suggested clothing: Waterproof jacket + fleece jacket. Sunglasses.


  • Port tax ($40)


The sailing tours on the Beagle Channel are among the most traditional and popular excursions offered in Ushuaia. It features wildlife-watching and the unforgettable views of the mountains that shelter the southernmost city in the world.

These small and medium yacht cruises offer the itinerary that Canal Fun recommends: in an average of four hours, they start and end at the commercial port and reach the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse.

The route that leads to Les Eclaireurs lighthouse allows you to visit the Bridges Islands, located in the Beagle Channel nearby Ushuaia Bay. One of the attractions of these navigations is the opportunity of enjoying the landscapes from the point of view of the first navigators of these Southern latitudes, as well as the sighting of birds and sea lions.

These personalized services offer the itinerary recommended by Canal Fun: up to the "Les Elcaireurs" lighthouse (which is often called "the lighthouse at the end of the world") and the visit of the so-called "bird island" and "sea lion island" located at the Bridges Islands in the Beagle Channel, right outside Ushuaia Bay.

Whenever the wind conditions permit, a disembarkation will be made to enjoy an optional hike along path chosen for the interpretation of flora and archaeological remains that the Yamana left as a testimony of human life before the arrival of the Europeans and their customs. (From June to October the presence of snow and ice can also hinder or prevent the landing and the walk.)

These yacht tours depend on the wind conditions. If the conditions are normal, the tour will to be carried out in its full, but if not, both the departure and the completion of the proposed route are conditional. In these cases, it will be enough to contact us (in our office or by email) to receive a refund of 100% of what was paid once we confirm what happened with the yacht captain.
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  • Departure from the tourist pier.
  • Sea lion Island.
  • Bird Island.
  • Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse.
  • Disembark at Bridges Island for optional hike.
  • Return to the port of Ushuaia.

Duration: 4 hours.


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