Dog sledding: Musher experience



Difficulty: Low

Places of interest: Nearby Ushuaia, Tierra Mayor Valley,

Tour activities: Short, easy strolls, Snow Activities, Wildlife watching,

Season: July to September

Group Size: Up to 2 passengers only.

Meals: Lentil stew. Dessert. Drinks Included: Red Wine, soft-drinks, bottled water. Vegetarians and coeliacs: proper menus available if requested in advance.

Departure place and time: Desde el hotel, 10AM

Type of Experience: Medium Difficulty Activity, No experience required, Weather-dependent, With exposure to weather,

Suggested clothing: Ski equipment (thermal interiors, waterproof jacket + polar jacket, mountain shoes, thermal socks, gloves and warm cap). Sunglasses.


Among the Winter activities in Ushuaia, the dog sled rides are of those that create the highest expectations. That is the reason why large groups of tourists coincide in a few places, where there are crowds waiting their turn to get on a sled: an opportunity that dogs often do not enjoy either.

Canal offers the experience that many dreamed of in the way we believe it should be lived: as an experience of genuine contact, a team collaboration; an experience in which playfulness and a new language appears between friends of different species.

The mushing is a method of transportation that consists of a group of dogs, a human being, and a sled (in this case, a snow sled).

In North America, the expression musher is derived from the French command: " Marche !", which, in the mouth of English-speaking Canadians, soon became "mush" that sounds like "mash" for those of us who speak Spanish. When a "musher" encourages his team of dogs with a "mush!" ... they know it's time to pull the sled and run!

Musher experience is much more than a simple dog sled ride in the snow. This proposal is for those who wish to have the opportunity to live a first-hand outdoor experience, one that generates an unforgettable bond with these friendly and trained athletes, the dogs, while enjoying a panoramic tour for up to just 2 passengers.

For this, we will have to learn many of the details and secrets involved in this method of transport of Scandinavian roots: the use of each part of the equipment, and also how to establish the appropriate interactions with the dogs, which are trained to respond in a very specific (and cheerful, and loud) way to the right orders. This is why it is very important that we have the willingness and ability to learn and to welcome the instructions of the musher expert, who will do his best so that after the instruction phase, the passenger can experience the sled ride as an active experience.

This full-day experience of learning, coexistence and enjoyment begins at the hotel. Once in the valley where the activities are carried out, we will be introduced to the team (musher and dogs). From the first moment, you will enjoy an initial, primer ride, an introduction to what you might expect after the "graduation". During the instruction process, of about 2 hours, the musher will instruct the winter traveler about the activity, while offering the opportunity to generate a personal bond with the dogs. Around noon, there will be a break for lunch in our heated refuge in the forest, while we finish planning the experience for which we have been preparing. In the afternoon, if the musher gives the go-ahead, the passenger will be able to enjoy a tour of around 2 hours not just as a passenger, but in collaboration with the musher: the traveler will have the chance to practice the new skills, and the new partnership with the whole team while he helps the Musher to prepare the sled for the tour, and during the ride. This ride will have several stops to enjoy the scenery, and to let the dogs have a breather. After getting back to the shelter to warm up by to the fire, it will be the time to say goodbye to the dogs and the musher to return to Ushuaia.
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10:00 Departure from the hotel
10:30 Carbajal and Tierra Mayor valleys by Route 3
10:45 Welcome at the place of activities.
11:00 Short, primer tour.
11:15 Start of the instruction on equipment and technique of mushing
13:00 Lunch at the shelter.
13:30 Walk in the mushing
15:30 Return to Ushuaia
16:00 Arrival to Ushuaia.

The schedules are approximate. The development of the excursion can change the order and time of the activities.

The realization of the tour is subject to the climatic and soil conditions, that will also determine if the passenger may or may not drive the sled. In the main stage, the passenger will have greater or lesser autonomy according to the evaluation that the musher makes of the passenger’s performance during the training phase. The main sled tour has an expected duration of around 2 hours.


Great experience with Miguel and his dogs


"We left the city Ushuaia and stopped after a few kilometers to walk across the forest and reach the place for our dog sledding activity. It was out first time and it was just great. 13 kilometers and 90 mn of slegging in a snowy landscape with Miguel and his dogs. We could share the love of Miguel for these dogs. No shout or scream, Miguel just speak with his natural voice to them and they react accordingly. They work all together as a team and not as master/animals. Great experience ! Thank you."