Dog sledding tour



Difficulty: Low

Places of interest: Nearby Ushuaia, Tierra Mayor Valley,

Tour activities: Snow Activities, Wildlife watching,


Group Size: 2 people maximum


Departure place and time:

Type of Experience: No experience required, With exposure to weather, Without physical exertion,

Suggested clothing: Ski equipment (thermal interiors, waterproof jacket + polar jacket, mountain shoes, thermal socks, gloves and warm cap). Sunglasses.


In Winter, the snow has its own agenda, which usually coincides with the plans of the different types of winter tourists. In Canal, we seek that the expectations of those who visit us coincide with the available tourist offer.

To guarantee the enjoyment of a genuine experience, we seek to offer the best plans to all those who want a first-hand contact with the unpredictable nature of Ushuaia in the winter, with respect for the place, the animals and the enjoyment of each and every one of those who participate (including that of the dogs).

We offer to help you to discover Ushuaia and explore it in a fun way. To achieve that, we create tours for groups that can also be organized as exclusive services, in private, to guarantee a personalized attention and that the trip will be perfect. It is for all of the above reasons that our dog sled rides are offered privately, for a maximum of 2 people.

The words "mushing, musher" came to Ushuaia, "the uttermost part of the Earth" from North America in reference to a Scandinavian method of transport that consists of a bunch of trained dogs to act as a pack, a human being, and a sled.

Far, far away from the huge contingents of tourists who flock to a place to wait for their turn to get on a dogsled, we at Canal offer a truly personalized service, during which everyone (the traveler, the dogs and the musher) equally enjoys a moment of exhilarating exploration.

For this trip we will start from the hotel to head towards the valley where the activities take place. When you get there, the team i.e: (the guide and driver of the sled, who coordinates the dogs, who is given the name of "musher") and the dogs themselves will give us a warm and friendly reception. After this brief and emotional introduction, the musher will begin to kit out the sled, harnesses and dogs to go for an exciting tour in a calm place, which will allow us to get closer to what has been, for centuries, the way to travel for the adventurers and the locals from frozen areas.

Once the action has begun, the tour has an expected duration of an hour and a half to two hours and aims to enjoy a shared adventure with the dogs. During a rest break for the dogs we will enjoy a comforting hot drink and some snacks, and the panoramic views of the valley before resuming the sledding to return to the starting point, and then back to the hotel or where you might choose to stay.
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10:00 Departure from the hotel
10:30 Valles Carbajal and Tierra Mayor by Route 3
10:45 Welcome at the place of activities.
11:00 Sleigh ride between 1 hour and a half and 2 hours
14:30 Return to Ushuaia
15:00 Arrival to Ushuaia.

15:00 Departure from the hotel
15:30 Valles Carbajal and Tierra Mayor by Route 3
15:45 Welcome at the place of activities.
16:00 Sleigh ride between 1 hour and a half and 2 hours
17:30 Return to Ushuaia
18:00 Arrival to Ushuaia.

The schedules are approximate. The realization of the tour is subject to the climatic and soil conditions. The sled tour has an expected duration of between 90 and 120 minutes, provided that the soil conditions allow it.


Great experience of dog slegging !

Isabelle Daems

"It was our first time and was just incredible to see how Miguel and his dogs share a full complicity. Perfect organization for pick up and return, as well as comments and explaination of the area around."