Into the Heart of the Island 2 days



Difficulty: Medium

Places of interest: Beagle Channel, Brown Bay, Gable Island, Guaraní Pass (Beagle Canal), Harberton Ranch, Heart of the Island, Lake Escondido, Lake Fagnano (lake Khami), Lake Yakush, Lasifashaj River, Martillo Island, Mount Cabras, Penguin rookery, Rio Indio,

Tour activities: Bird watching, Camping, Multi Activities, Navigations, Photography, Trekking, Wildlife watching,

Season: October to April

Group Size: up to 12 passengers

Meals: Includes all meals with drinks. Vegetarians and coeliacs: proper menus available if requested in advance.

Departure place and time: Departure from Canal Fun’s office at Roca 136, 8am

Type of Experience: Intense physical activity, It is NOT necessary to know how to swim, No experience required, With exposure to weather,

Suggested clothing: Waterproof jacket + fleece jacket. Waterproof walking shoes/trainers with good traction. Trekking poles. Thermal interiors. Extra socks to change, T-shirts and other casual warm weather clothes for layering Lightweight sweaters. Short and long-sleeved t-shirts. A small backpack or similar bag with shoulder straps, for carrying camera and other gear. Sunglasses with UV protection. Sunscreen. skin care: Personal toiletries, including sun block, moisturizing lotion and lip balm. One pair of waterproof pants (made of waterproof, breathable fabric), that would be loose enough to wear over a regular pair of trousers. Zip-lock plastic bags as added protection for camera, batteries, etc. Optional: wool ski cap, scarf. Please let us know if you are not bringing your own sleeping bag and pad.


  • Harberton Ranch entrance fee ($580)

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Day 1: We leave Ushuaia heading east and towards the coast of the Beagle Channel, on one of our most active excursions in Tierra del Fuego. In a location removed from the areas saturated by tourism, during the first part of this day we will go rowing in canoes down the river to enter the Beagle Channel and, by sea, accompanied by the wind, reach a panoramic point of the Beagle Channel.

We will arrive at Gable Island in a motor boat. We will continue the day with a hike in one of the wildest and most beautiful places of the Beagle Channel. We will also see penguins on a nearby island. On the way back from the estancia, we will change vehicles.

The second part of the day takes us beyond the Cordillera de los Andes, through the forest and through Lake Fagnano. We will spend the night in our refuge located on the coast of this 100 km long lake, after a relaxed dinner by the fire in a magnificent environment.

Day 2: We leave towards the lake Yehuin, behind the northern margin of Lake Fagnano. After a visit to Tolhuin we enter an area where it the change in the environment is noticeable: the steppe begins to prevail over the sub-Antarctic forest. In the area of estancias, we will see many birds and guanacos on our 3-hour walk in the Corazón de la Isla Provincial Park.

We will have lunch near the source of the Indio River. In the afternoon, we will ascend the Cabras hill in a strong walk of almost 4 hours to see an intact and infinite landscape: fords, wetlands, beaver dams, lakes and lagoons, endless horizon and mountains.

After the descent, we will return to Ushuaia towards the end of the afternoon.

Families with children under 11 years of age can request a "Tailor Made Trip" based on this tour.
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Day 1
08:00 Departure from Canal Fun’s office at Roca 136
08:45 Road trip through glacial valleys, forest, along Routes 3 and “J”.
10:30 Arrival to the Lashifashaj river, technical and safety talk. Canoeing down the river and on the Beagle Channel.
12:30 End of the paddling activity. Arrival at Estancia Harberton.
13:00 Boarding the motorboat to reach the penguin colony at Isla Martillo.
13:20 Penguin watching. Navigation to Gable Island.
13:45 Arrival at Gable Island, disembarkation and lunch.
14:30 Hike through Gable Island. Medium difficulty. Slope: less than 100 meters. Duration 2.5 hours.
17:00 Motor boat navigation to reach the vehicle to go to Lake Fagnano.
18:30 Arrival to our refuge in Lake Fagnano.
20:30 Dinner.

Day 2
08:00 Breakfast.
09:00 Departure to the Heart of the Island.
11:30 Arrival at Lake Yehuin.
12:30 Lunch.
13:30 Hike to reach the top of Cerro Cabras. Difficulty: High. Altitude of 400 meters Duration. 3.5 hs
15:30 Summit of Cerro Cabras.
17:00 Return to the vehicle. Snack.
19:00 Arrival in Ushuaia.


Patagonia Exploration


"Many thanks to the entire team with CanalFun. What a great way to end my 17 day tour de Argentina trip! My 3 days in Ushuaia were full of outdoor activities and experiences that I will remember forever!"

Ushuaia, Patagonia

Rudy E

"This was an amazing trip. Our tour guides Cami and Edu made us feel welcome and were very knowledgeable and patient. From making amazing meals at our camping ground to trekking to the top of Cerro Cabras, our experience was phenomenal. We had a couple of pleasant surprises during our adventure. But one of the most memorable was trekking with an incredible view when all of a sudden we got massive snow flakes descending upon us. It was magical. "

A great group of guides

Alan Rosenbaum

"A great group of guides who were very friendly, knowledgeable, and fun! Food, lodging, wildlife, and activities were all excellent. Guides were bilingual, and my wife (who doesn't speak Spanish) and I had an amazing experience thanks to both the people and the beautiful setting. I highly recommend taking a tour, or camping, with CanalFun!"