Into the Heart of the Island 3 days



Difficulty: High

Places of interest: Beagle Channel, Brown Bay, Gable Island, Garibaldi Pass, Guaraní Pass (Beagle Canal), Harberton Ranch, Heart of the Island, Lake Escondido, Lake Fagnano (lake Khami), Lake Yakush, Lasifashaj River, Martillo Island, Mount Cabras, Penguin rookery, Rio Indio, Tolhuin, Ushuaia Andes,

Tour activities: Bird watching, Camping, Multi Activities, Navigations, Photography, Trekking, Wildlife watching,

Season: October 15th – April 15th

Group Size: up to 7 passengers.

Meals: All meals included. Red Wine, soft-drinks, bottled water. Vegetarians and coeliacs: proper menus available if requested in advance.

Departure place and time: Canal Fun’s office at Roca 136, at 8am

Type of Experience: Intense physical activity, It is NOT necessary to know how to swim, No experience required, With exposure to weather,

Suggested clothing: Waterproof jacket + fleece jacket. Waterproof walking shoes/trainers with good traction. Hat or cap. Thermal interiors. Extra socks to change. Short and long-sleeved T-shirts and other casual warm weather clothes for layering. Lightweight sweaters. Small backpack or similar bag with shoulder straps, for carrying camera and other gear. Sunglasses with UV protection. Sunscreen. Skin care: Personal toiletries, including sun block, moisturizing lotion and lip balm. One pair of waterproof pants (made of waterproof, breathable fabric), that would be loose enough to be worn over a regular pair of trousers. Zip-lock plastic bags as added protection for camera, batteries, etc. Optional: wool ski cap, scarf. Please let us know if you are not bringing your own sleeping bag and pad.


  • Harberton Ranch entrance fee ($580)

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We will leave from our office on Roca Street 136 around 8 AM, through glacial valleys, to see an area of ​​the Beagle Channel located East from Ushuaia. The first part of the day we share one of the most active regular tours available in Tierra del Fuego: our tour to Gable Island. We arrive by minibus to the Larsiphashaj River to start canoeing easily down this meandering river to the Beagle Channel and paddle in the sea... on the Beagle Channel! Once there, we’ll navigate on a motor boat that will allow us to be close to the penguins at Martillo Island (that leave said island by late March). After this stop, we will resume the navigation to reach Gable island. There, we will have lunch in a refuge with a wonderful view, and we will walk for 2 hours to discover one of the most wild and beautiful places of the Beagle Channel. After the full day's excursion, we part ways with the passengers returning to Ushuaia to go north, behind the Andes Mountain Range, and explore near Lake Fagnano (Lake Khami) before dining and camping in tents away from the noise of tourism.


After breakfast, we will leave from our refuge on the south coast of Lake Fagnano (or Lake Khami) to reach its North coast, beyond Tolhuin. During this approach to the Heart of the Island, we will witness very significant changes in both vegetation and geography. Upon reaching Lake Yehuin, of a remarkable beauty, we will begin with an uphill, four-hour-long, high difficulty trekk to reach the top of Cerro Cabras, along a steep path that will show us how much the forest changes as we gain altitude. From the top of Cerro Cabras, we will enjoy a view full of nuances: lowlands, swampy prairies, beaver dams, lakes and lagoons, horizon and mountains. Back from this summit right in the Heart of the Island, after dinner, we will spend the night in a cabin in Tolhuin, a small village on the eastern end of Lake Fagnano (or Lake Khami).


After breakfast, the third day has two 2 very different options, to be determined at the time of booking. The idea behind these very different options is to explore the most uttermost portion of the Andes Mountains, here in Tierra del Fuego, from the alternative viewpoints of two activities to choose from:

Option 1: after only one hour on the way from Tolhuin, at the head of Lake Fagnano (or Lake Khami), we leave the vehicle near the Garibaldi Pass to start a trek to reach the top of this mountain range. At an altitude of only 600 meters, the forest is left behind and the trail disappears, but we will continue along the side of the mountain enjoying unparalleled views of Lake Escondido and Fagnano. The lagoons "Gemelas", "Raquel" and "Los Perros", and the high mountain landscapes are our reward for venturing out of the beaten track in search of wild and pristine places. The trek ends after descending the northern slope of the mountain, crossing a dense forest only interrupted by huge beaver dams. If we are lucky, we can find them before boarding the vehicle and return to Ushuaia around 6 in the afternoon.

Option 2: After an hour and a half journey from Tolhuin, we will arrive at an almost unexplored area east of Lake Escondido, at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range. This is an area that - like all we visited on this tour - is far from the impact of mass tourism. Here we propose to take a break from the medium and high difficulty trekks, and to continue exploring with a less demanding activity. Instead of the high difficulty trekk over the Andes, the alternative proposal is a three to four hour, easy horseback ride, that does not require previous experience, to visit a small lagoon surrounded by the Andes, together with the locals that will be very proud to show you their property. We will have lunch in a landscape of forest and mountains, before returning to Ushuaia around 6 in the afternoon.

Families with children under 11 years of age can request a "Tailor Made Trip" based on this tour.
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08:00/08:30 Departure from Ushuaia
10:15 Arrival at river Lashifashaj. Preparation for canoeing
12:15 Arrival to Harberton Ranch
12:30 Boarding on a motor boat to visit Martillo island penguin rookery
12:50 Penguin Rookery
13:10 Leaving towards Gable Island
13:45 Lunch
15:00 Hike along the Island
18:00 End of hiking. Optional hikes.
21:00 Dinner. Spend the night at refuge in Gable Island.

Day 2)
08:00 Breakfast
09:30 Crossing to Harberton
11:00 Hiking close Garibaldi Pass
11:45 Lookout lakes Escondido y Fagnano
13:45 Raquel lagoon. Lunch
15:00 Los Perros lagoon
16:30 End of hiking
17:30 Tolhuin. Spend the night in a cabin, in Tolhuin.

Day 3)
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Departure to “Heart of the Island” Provincial Park.
11:00 Arrival to Yehuin lake.
11:30 Start of the hike to Cerro Cabras summit.
14:00 Lunch at the top of Cerro Cabras
15:30 Descent from Cerro Cabras
17:00 Snack.
19:30 Arrival to Ushuaia

Day 1: Hiking level: medium. Altitude gain: less than 300 ft.
Day 2: Hiking level: difficult. Altitude gain: around 1000 ft.
Day 3: Hiking level: difficult. Altitude gain: around 1300 ft.

**All descriptions and itineraries are for illustration purposes: the timing of the activities, and their order may vary, and this appplies also to the attractions, as the actual development of the tour depends on the guide’s decisions based on the group’s specific conformation and the evaluation of the conditions for the tour.


Canal Fun 3-day trip


"Great time on our 3- day trip. Good opportunity to explore the area around Ushuaia, Gable island, penguins, Heart of the Island, with excellent, well-prepared and flexible guides. Highly recommended."

Great 3 Day Hiking/Camping Adventure


"My husband and I signed up for the 3 Day Adventure and it was everything we had hoped for. Cami and Edu were excellent guides and we were able to see and do a lot: the first day is on an island (Gable Island) on the Beagle Channel where we hiked, canoed and went to visit the penguins. We camped that night on the island and the food was excellent. The second day we hiked in the Andes. This was actually a more difficult hike than anticipated, but we made it! That night we stayed in a little cabin in Tolhuin overlooking Lago Fagnano. The third day we went into the heart of Tierra del Fuego and hiked to Lago Yanush, saw lots of guanacos and even an Andean Condor."

Paddling, hiking across Gable Island, navigation to the penguins and hiking in the heart of fireland and fun with 4x4


"Our 3 day additional programm, after 2 hiking weeks in Patagonia, was very intensiv and full of new experiences. We did a nice paddling trip in the silence of Larsiphashaj Rio and Beagle Channel, have boot navigation to the Martillo Island with a stop at the coast to see a lot of Magellan Penguins from a really short distance. In the afternoon we had a hiking tour, nearly 3 hours, on Gable Island with many informations about the bibers. During the navigation to Estancia Haberton the surprise was a big and active group of sea lions. The last part of the day was connected with a thrilling 4x4 tour to the Lago Fagnano an the overnighting in a tent. The hiking tour "Crossing the Andes" at the second day was unfortunately very wet and muddy. But we are happy, that we are able to dry all closes and hiking boots in the good heated cabins near Tolhuin. On a sunny day we were riding by 4x4 into the heart of Fireland. Then we climbed the Cerro Cabras. The highlight was a Condor at the top ans the view to many lakes. We thanks aour guides, Camila and Eduardo which have done there jobs with delight knowledge and competence. Thats why it was a very lovely tour with excellent self made meals all time! Thank you Guides!!!"