National Park Trekking and Canoeing



Difficulty: Medium

Places of interest: Acigami Lake, Archipielago Cormoranes, Coastal Trail, Ensenada Bay, Ensenada Zaratiegui, Lago Roca, Laguna Verde, Lapataia Bay, Rio Lapataia, Rio Ovando, Tierra del Fuego National Park,

Tour activities: Bird watching, Canoeing, Photography, Trekking, Wildlife watching,

Season: 15 July to 15 May (from July to September: available in its Winter version)

Group Size: Up to 15 passengers.

Meals: Argentine-style snack, portuguese chicken (sauce of tomatoes, onions and carrots) with rice and vegetables. Drinks Included: bottled water, red wine, soft-drinks. Vegetarians and coeliacs: proper menus available if requested in advance.

Departure place and time:: Hotels, from 8am to 9am

Type of Experience: It is NOT necessary to know how to swim, Medium Difficulty Activity, No experience required, With exposure to weather,

Suggested clothing: Waterproof jacket + fleece jacket. Waterproof walking shoes/trainers with good traction. Hat or cap. Sunglasses. An extra pair of socks, to change after the activity in canoes.


  • National Park entrance fee not included ($350)

* This extra will be added to the cart


We propose to enjoy being 8 hours immersed in the Nature at Tierra del Fuego National Park. So as to ensure this, we invite you to an intense walk and to explore easily, in inflatable canoes, a landscape with rivers, sea, mountains and forests. With our specialized - and extraordinary - guides you will know in detail this unique paradise in Argentina.

We will leave westbound in a bus along the 15 km that separate the downtown hotels in Ushuaia from the Coastal Path, inside the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Once there, we will know the most important attractions of the area on foot, in contact with Nature. This undulating 7+ km of the path, considered of medium difficulty, is not a major challenge for passengers who love to exercise, and also show up dressed with the appropriate clothing. The walk is an invitation for us to know, in detail and in a pleasant way, a recovered paradise where the mountains can be reached from near the sea, and the freshwater of rivers and lakes coexists with the marine coast.

Near the Acigami Lake (called for a short period of time Lake Roca) we will have lunch in our dining tent for shelter from the wind or the rain. But the tour continues! Equipped with rubber boots, pants and life jackets, provided by us, we will go for an easy activity: from the Acigami Lake aboard very safe and stable inflatable canoes (duckie type), we will reach Lapataia Bay following the slow flow of the Lapataia and Ovando rivers. For about an hour, we will see the transition from the freshwater environment to the sea at Lapataia Bay.

Besides the opportunity to see places inaccessible in another way, we will get a little closer to the point of view enjoyed by the Yamana, a few centuries ago. The experience ends in Lapataia Bay, near the point the endpoint of National route 3, as well as all highways in America. From there, we will return to the hotel by bus to the hotel.

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08:00/8:30 Pick up from the hotels
09:00 Arrival to the National Park
09:30 Trekking along the Coastal path -3 hours-; or differents short paths, according the passenger’s choice.
12:30 Arrival to Lake Roca and lunch.
13:45 Paddling technique briefing and canoe prompting -1 hora y media-
15:15 Lapataia Bay.
15:45 Return to Ushuaia.
16:30 Arrival to Ushuaia.

Approximate times. The timing and the order of the tour activities might change if necessary.

Between October and May the hours vary according to the duration of the days.

*If the Coastal path were not open to the public, the guide will propose an alternative walk, of approximate duration.


very special people

Miguel G

"All the trips were excellent. People: So cute, kindl and ready to be helpful The guides are very smart and a lot of fun"

National park trekking and canoeing


"The tour is very nice, with a real trekking, a nice canoeing and an expert and funny guide! Also the chef and the lunch was good! Bravi!!"

A great trip in the park with a very knowledgeable guide


"We were collected from our hotel by our guide, Hernan and picked up another 6 guests in Ushuaia After a short Landrover drive into the park we set off on a walk which was relatively easy through the woods around Zaratiegal Bay and into Lapatia Bay. Progress was fairly slow due to frequent stops for our excellent guide to pass on information about the geology, flora and fauna of Tierra del Fuego. He also gave us fascinating information about the Yamana Indians who used to live their nomadic life along the shores we were exploring. After a stop for coffee and snacks we pressed on to a lunch stop in a geodome near the shore of the Lapatia River. The chicken and rice were excellent and we were even given wine. After lunch the canoeing back down the Lapatia River and into Lapatia Bay was relatively gentle and our transport was waiting for us at the end. We would certainly recommend the trip for anyone with an interest in the nature of TdF and you don't have to be particularly fit although a certain amount of fitness would help."

Divertimento in mezzo alla natura!


"Le cinque stelle sono dedicate innanzitutto alla simpatia e competenza della guida Joaquin, ma anche al meraviglioso contesto in cui si effettua l'escursione. Il trekking non è impegnativo ma molto interessante, dura circa una mattinata ed è seguito da un pranzo abbondante in una struttura adeguata vicino al canale (si tratta di cibo vero cucinato al momento, sono anche disponibili per eventuali intolleranze o variazioni vegetariane al menù, ovviamente segnalandole prima). La parte in canoa è molto divertente ed emozionante in quanto si è a diretto contatto con la sponda del fiume e tutta la vegetazione circostante. Al termine si arriva a Baia Lapataia, ovvero il punto in cui finisce la Ruta Panamericana, la strada che collega l'Alaska con la Terra del Fuoco, lunga ben 17.800 km circa. Inoltre, il trekking comincia proprio nel punto della baia in cui c'è l'ufficio postale più a sud del mondo, in cui potete farvi mettere il timbro sul passaporto (da un simpatico signore con i baffi) che certificherà il vostro passaggio li. Consigliamo vivamente il tutto!!"

Great trip


"The end of the world can seem a forbidding place but with Norbie and Marine it's anything but. Both are experts in their craft and this ensures that you can experience the majesty of this beautiful place to its fullest extent. Stories of the Yamana people and Darwin's expedition intertwine with flora and fauna, especially the Magellan woodpecker to captive you and wish you could never leave. If you want to experience this place as natives and settlers did by walking through and canoeing along, in perfect peace and harmony then this is the trip for you. Oh and Norbie wants me to tell you that there's wine for lunch. Or rather wine WITH lunch."

A great day in the national park!


"My husband and I had a fabulous time in our Tierra del Fuego National Park Trekking and Canoeing in Lapataia Bay activity with Canal Fun. This is clearly a very professional company with excellent guides and a focus on safety. The bus picked us up from our hotel right on time, and the hike tour guide was very helpful and informative. I think his name is Joaquín? I don't know if all the guides are as enthusiastic as he is, but we loved the knowledge he shared about wild foods and the plants and animals in general. His enthusiasm was contagious! We had a lovely day for canoeing, too, so that was also wonderful. We had a very hearty lunch as well, and I appreciated they had a nice quiche for me, since I'm vegetarian. All in all, I would highly recommend this company."

Fun day of trekking and canoeing


"We had a day of beautiful weather for our full day trek and canoe in Tierra del Fuego National Park. It was an easy pick-up at our hotel and a quick drive to the park. The hiking was good - nothing you couldn't do on your own, but it was nice to have someone to point out the flora and fauna. The afternoon canoe trip was enjoyable too...I imagine it would have been less enjoyable/more challenging if it were windy. They give you all the gear you need - no matter. No complaints with our guide Joaquin - he was friendly enough. Only downsides, we were unaware that we couldn't pay the park entrance fee with a credit card - so we had to chase down a functioning ATM to get through (the company told me there was an entrance fee - but no mention of the actual cost or lack of credit card facilities) and the bus driver definitively smoked in the bus (despite the no smoking sign) so it was always a lousy smell when returning for the ride."

Canoeing and trekking

Nathan W

"The guides and crew communicate well and share there knowledge and history of area. Lunch was delicious after a morning of canoeing. Gopro works well for this section. The canoe guide full of energy and loves a good joke. The trekking guide was great to have, high spirits, good knowledge and new all good spots around lake to take photos. Tips : gloves and a beanie is handy as it can get windy and cold at times"

una bellissima giornata


"Abbiamo partecipato al trekking nella Foresta di Magellano con Joaquin come guida. Bravo, esperto, simpatico!!! 3 ore di piacevole marcia con vista mozzafiato . Poi pranzo e canoaaaa. Tutto molto ben organizzato!!! Consigliatissimo."

Canal beagle half day and full day in Terra del Fuego park

Emiliano O

"After two weeks of holidays moving all around Peru and Argentina, I can say this is the best we met, starting from the booking in Italy (and Info provided) ending with the service in Ushuaia. Great team! Great job! Thanks a lot, Emiliano"

Ottima agenzia per trekking nella terra del fuoco


"Abbiamo fatto il trekking e la canoa nel parco naturale della terra del fuoco. Sono stati puntuali, precisi, molto disponibili. La guida era molto preparata e simpatica (ha aiutato a fare gruppo). Il pranzo cucinato da loro, incluso nel prezzo, era molto buono e abbondante. Organizzazione top. Bel giro e nell'esperienza anche per chi non è tanto allenato nel trekking come me."

Great visit to Tierra Del Fuego

Sam C

"Given the fact that I had limited time in Ushuaia, this was a great way to see some stunning scenery without having to worry about finding it all myself. I think these guys are a great company, very organised. Joaquin, Mauri and Martin, good guys who clearly love what they do. One thing that I do think is important to point out is that these are clearly tours used by older travellers. As such, and as a younger traveller, it didn’t really have the “intensity” I was looking for, and I felt that most people thought the main event was the lunch and drinking wine. However, that is hardly the company’s fault and I can’t knock a star off for that."

A great day in Tierra del Fuego


"We booked to do a canoe and hiking day in the Tierra del Fuego National Park with Canal Fun and we really enjoyed our day. Our guide was full of knowledge of the park and when the weather wasn't right to continue our canoe part of the trip he changed things around so we did some different hiking. We only had a small group of six which was also really great. Lunch was provided and was chicken cooked with tomatoes and rice, it was delicious! I would definitely recommend this tour to anybody wanting to see the park."

Trekking and Canoeing at the end of the earth.

Nicky D

"We had a wonderful experience with our tour guide Joaquin who led us around the coastline inside Tierra del Fuego's national park. His knowledge of the native, the park and the surrounding areas was extremely impressive - and so was his English language. This tour is great for anyone looking for a nice adventure and some beautiful scenery. Floating out on the lake was the perfect way to end the day. A group lunch also give you a great opportunity to connect and swap stories about past travel. Would definitely recommend this tour to our friends. "



"La journée s'annonçait bien. Le ciel sans nuage et à peine une petite brise. Mais elle est inoubliable par son organisation sans faille. Un petit groupe de 12. Nous avions une rando de 3h prévue et un temps de canoë. Nos accompagnateurs ont du improviser (par talkie-walkie avec le chauffeur resté au point de départ) puisqu'un accident empêchait la réalisation du circuit habituel. Et nous n'avons été privé de rien y compris d'un vrai déjeuner improvisé dans une belle maison en cours d'aménagement. La marche dans le parc naturel de la terre de feu et la navigation canoë sur le canal de beagle nous ont tous ravis. L'ambiance était excellente. Les accompagnateurs très vigilants sur nos capacités à effectuer la marche (ils doutaient car notre âge était largement au dessus de celui des autres participants) avaient même prévu un accompagnement de retour si nous interrompions la balade prématurément afin que le reste du groupe continue. Mais l'énergie dégagée par ces lieux uniques nous a permis de profiter de tout. En prime des commentaires tout au long du chemin pour nous faire connaitre un peu d'histoire et de géographie. Bref des conditions d'organisation et d'accompagnement efficaces et sympathique. À recommander si vous y allez."

Amazing day and lots of fun

Sonia P

"I just finished a day tour to Tierra del Fuego National Park includinh trekking and some relaxed canoeying. I was picked up at my hotel and after collecting the rest of the group we entered the park and did the trekking along the coast. The trekking is easy and the views of the Beagle canal and surrounding mountains were simply beautiful. Our guide was Norbi and he was fun and provided very useful information all day long about plants, animals, scenery, etc. Pato prepared a tasty lunch for us and we descended the river with the canoes in the afternoon ending in Lapataia bay. The tour was well organized and very enjoyable."

La meilleure journée de nos vacances


"Notre premier souhait était d'aller voir les castors mais du fait de l'état des routes cela n'a pas été possible. Du coup, Canal Fun a proposé de nous rembourser ou de nous faire réaliser d'autres activités. L'équipe a été super professionnelle et finalement nous avons fait du canoë et du cheval. C'était merveilleux et les 2 guides (canoë et cheval) ont été au top du top. Nous recommandons vivement Canal Fun et les 2 activités que nous avons testé. À noter que nous avons réalisé ces activités avec 2 enfants de 7 et 10 ans. Le cheval était difficile mais au final on s'est régalé !!"