Sea Kayak Beagle Channel



Difficulty: Medium

Places of interest: Beagle Channel, Nearby Ushuaia,

Tour activities: Bird watching, Sea Kayak, Wildlife watching,

Season: November to April

Group Size: Hasta 6 pasajeros

Meals: Snacks + boxed lunch + dessert. Drinks included: bottled water, soft-drinks, Patagonian red wine. Vegetarians and coeliacs: menus available by reservation.

Departure place and time: Departure from Canal Fun’s office at Roca 136, 8am

Type of Experience: It requires knowing and being able to swim, Medium Difficulty Activity, No experience required, Weather-dependent, With exposure to weather,

Suggested clothing: Thermal interiors. T-shirts and other warm weather clothes to use in layers. Sunglasses with UV protection. Sunscreen and lip protector. An extra pair of pants and extra socks Plastic bags with airtight seal as additional protection for cameras, batteries, etc.

We provide you with the complete kayaking equipment, so you can enjoy this serene and panoramic activity, and so you can look like a professional in your travel photos!


This activity combines the attraction of hiking trips or photographic safaris, from a perspective that expands the area of discovery to the seas that man has navigated for 7,000 years. The Yamana, natives of this landscape, sailed with their fragile tree bark canoes. Women were the ones who paddled and dived to collect mollusks. The children took care of the fire in the canoes and the man, in front and with his harpoon, in search of the sea lion.

In fiberglass, double sea kayaks, we adventure ourselves on the waters to rediscover uninhabited beaches and majestic corners. If you ever wanted to live the experience of kayaking in a legendary site, the best specialized guides will accompany you with the adequate equipment, and with all necessary security measures.

Families with children under 11 years of age can request a "Tailor Made Trip" based on this tour.

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In groups of up to 6 people, in double sea kayaks, with all the comfort and security necessary for an adventure that has been going on here for the last 7000 years.


8:00 am Departure from Canal Fun’s office at Roca 136.
8:30 am Arrival to Bahia Golondrina. Kayak kit out and technical details considerations, and safety at sea talk.
9:30 am We start rowing westbound along the Beagle Channel
12:00 pm Arrival at Bahia Cucharita and lunch.
1:00 pm We resume kayaking along the Beagle Channel.
2:00 pm Arrival to Cauquenes Bay, Ushuaia.