Sea Kayak Gable Island



Difficulty: High

Places of interest: Beagle Channel, Guaraní Pass (Beagle Canal),

Tour activities: Bird watching, Sea Kayak,

Season: November to April

Group Size: Up to 6 passengers. Ask for larger groups.

Meals: Snacks, sandwiches, dessert. Drinks included: soft drinks, bottled water. Vegetarians and coeliacs: proper menus available if requested in advance.

Departure place and time: Departure from Canal Fun’s office at Roca 136, 08am

Type of Experience: Intense physical activity, It requires knowing and being able to swim, No experience required, Weather-dependent, With exposure to weather,

Suggested clothing: Thermal interiors. T-shirts and other warm weather clothes to use in layers. Sunglasses with UV protection. Sunscreen and lip protector. An extra pair of pants and extra socks. Plastic bags with airtight seal as additional protection for cameras, batteries, etc.


  • Harberton Ranch entrance fee ($580)

* This extra will be added to the cart


Among the destinations for sea kayaking activity, the Beagle Channel stands out for its landscape and its history. The vast eastern area of the Canal brings us closer to the Atlantic, and offers us a sense of freedom and distance from civilization. After just an hour and a half vehicle ride to this region, we might feel as though be have been transported back to the time when the Yamana inhabited the sea at this remote place on the planet.

This is a full day outing in which we will cross the Fuegian forest along Route J, far from Ushuaia. The area offers great possibilities to find flocks of seabirds and, a little more at random but often, sea lions.

Gable Island, among other neighboring islands, provides a spectacular backdrop for sea kayaking activity. The net time of paddling in this area isolated from the noise of civilization is more than four hours, and it will be along an irregular coast with deep bays.

Seize the opportunity! Come to explore the East of the Beagle Channel, where the place and the history are almost intact, to find the End of the World.

Families with children under 11 years of age can request a "Tailor Made Trip" based on this tour.
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08:00 Departure from Canal Fun’s office at Roca 136.
09:00 Bahia Brown – brief stop –
09:30 Arrival at the Larshifashaj River. Technical and security and security at sea briefing.
10:30 Activity starts kayaking down the river.
11:00 Entrance to the Beagle Channel. Kayaking towards Cigueña Island – rockhopper cormorant colony -, Puerto Pescado, Gable Island.
12:30 Arrival at Gable Island. Stop for lunch. Chances for a hike.
13:30 The kayaking activity resumes through the Guaraní Pass, Waru Island, Upu Island, and the former Estancia Harberton’s runway.
15:30 End of the activity in kayaks.
18:00 Arrival to Ushuaia.

Approximate times. The timing might change if necessary.

Between November and April, the hours vary according to the duration of the days.