Sea Kayak Two Days



Difficulty: High

Places of interest: Beagle Channel, Brown Bay, Flag Tree, Gable Island, Guaraní Pass (Beagle Canal), Harberton Ranch, Lasifashaj River,

Tour activities: Bird watching, Camping, Multi Activities, Sea Kayak, Trekking, Wildlife watching,

Season: October to April

Group Size: 6 passengers

Meals: Refreshments, lunch, snack and hot dinner of the first day and breakfast, snack, lunch and snack of the second day with drinks included. Vegetarians and celiacs: menus available with prior reservation.

Departure place and time: 8am from Canal’s office at Roca 136.

Type of Experience: Intense physical activity, It requires knowing and being able to swim, No experience required, With exposure to weather,

Suggested clothing: Thermal interiors. Short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts and other warm weather clothes for use in layers. Lightweight sweaters Sunglasses with UV protection. Sunscreen and lip balm. An extra pair of pants and socks. Plastic bags with airtight seal as additional protection for cameras, batteries, etc. Waterproof jacket + polar jacket. Waterproof shoes or slippers with good traction. Extra footwear and extra socks to use while resting from the kayaking activity. A small backpack or similar bag with straps to carry the camera and other equipment. Sunscreen skin care: personal toiletries, including sunscreen, moisturizing lotion. Optional: wool ski cap, scarf and gloves. Please let us know if you do not bring your own sleeping bag and mat.


  • Harberton Ranch entrance fee ($650)

* This extra will be added to the cart


We leave at 8:00 AM , and after 70 km of travel to Bahía Brown, the chosen place to begin our adventure in kayak, we will have gone through the primordial forest along the route J. Bahia Brown has an incredibly beautiful landscape and also has a famous group of "flag" trees. After kitting out the double sea kayaks, it's time to enjoy the most beautiful beaches and remote bays along the Beagle Channel.

After kayaking for about 2 hours, and once we arrive at the uninhabited Gable Island, the largest of the Beagle Channel, we will find our refuge, a picturesque construction that we have restored without altering its past. There we will relax while enjoying a delicious hot meal. After lunch, we will take a walk on the island, and we will have the opportunity to kayak once more before dinner.

When the night comes, and after a very active day, we will sleep in the middle of the Beagle Channel, "off the grid" and camping under the southern stars.

During the second day, after breakfast, we will make the most of a full day kayaking in this vast, wild and tranquil area. To really enjoy two very exciting days, we put at your disposal all the necessary equipment and security, and specialized, bilingual guides (Spanish-English). Check for the availability of French-speaking guides.
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08:00 Departure from Ushuaia
10:00 Arrive at Harberton’s former runway. Preparation of equipment. Technical and security talk on the use of kayaks
11:00 Crossing and lunch at Gable Island.
12:00 We row Westward along Guarani Pass, that divides Tierra del Fuego from the islands “Gable” and “Waru”.
13:30 Stop and lunch.
14:30 Arrival at the western end of the island. Walk to the Gables- 1 hour.
15:30 Kayaking back to the refuge. Total time of paddling 4/5 hours
17:00 Snack
18:30 Short Hiking and beaver spotting
20:30 Dinner

Day 2

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Preparation for kayaking
09:30 Crossing of the equipment and gear to the vehicle.
10:00 We row Eastward.
12:30 Stop for lunch.
13:30 We resume the paddling Eastward to Estancia Harberton. Total time of rowing: 4/5 hours.
15:00 Arrival to stay and return to Ushuaia
17:00 Arrival in Ushuaia.*

*Approximate hours. The development of the tour can change the order and timing of activities.

Between November and April the hours vary according to the duration of the days..