Yamaning Gable Island



Difficulty: High

Places of interest: Beagle Channel, Brown Bay, Flag Tree, Gable Island, Guaraní Pass (Beagle Canal), Lasifashaj River, Tierra Mayor Valley,

Tour activities: Bird watching, Canoeing, Multi Activities, Photography, Trekking,

Season: April

Group Size: 1 to 12 passengers

Meals: Vegetable stew, with chicken or beef. Drinks included: filtered water (to fill the canteen that each passenger must bring). Vegetarians and celiacs: menus available with prior reservation.

Departure place and time: Canal office (Roca 136). 8:30 AM

Type of Experience: Intense physical activity, It is NOT necessary to know how to swim, No experience required, Weather-dependent, With exposure to weather,

Suggested clothing: A lot of warm clothing, and spare clothes to change during the tour. Waterproof jacket + fleece jacket. Waterproof walking shoes/trainers with good traction. Hat or cap. Sunglasses. A pair of extra socks, to change after the activity in canoes.

An adventure on the Beagle Channel, far from conventional tourism.


The spirit of exploration is the theme that directs and inspires this active full-day excursion. We will explore with all the necessary safety measures, and even with the luxury of modern comforts. Like Nature, this tour has several facets and changes according to how the day develops. Our goal is to explore by sea and on foot islands, beaches and almost secret bays, known by only a few around the world.

In this area of ​​Tierra del Fuego the plans must adapt to what Nature manifests every day. Only a thousand kilometers away from Antarctica, we can not complain about the weather, as it is quite mild and it usually offers wonderful days, but the wind is a factor that must be taken into account every time we decide to explore.

In this approach to the way of life of the original inhabitants of this "uttermost part of the Earth", the Yamana, the guide will do everything possible to ensure that the adventurers enjoy 5 hours of intense, highly-demanding physical activity (hiking and canoeing in the Channel of Beagle). Although we will not do anything extreme, safety is our priority, so we believe it is very important to say that this active journey requires a commitment to the intensity of the activities we propose.
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Although we do not offer a detailed account of this plan, since it does not have a fixed itinerary, we do declare the intention to make the most of the day and to explore as much as possible.

The plan has a total duration of 9 hours, with around 5 hours of intense physical activity: we will row in canoes, and walk in the Easten area of the Beagle Channel interesting and beautiful, and far away from the National Park Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia.

The tour begins and ends at our office on Calle Roca 136.

Note: The promotional video does not correspond to a single day of excursion, but it is a compilation of the best moments lived on different days of exploration.