Welcome to Ushuaia.

Welcome to Canal.

Canal. Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego.

We invite you to visit Tierra del Fuego, to admire its magnificent views, and to walk along beautiful paths. Also, to get to know the stories of those who chose to live in this special place on the planet that is only 1000 km away from Antarctica.

We, who make Canal, propose tours in which Ushuaia is revealed as a site of exciting natural beauty, which also invites us to reflect on the way in which man relates to nature.

Canal. Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego.

Ushuaia lives between the Andes and the Beagle Channel, in a generous natural setting with unique views.

The landscapes of Ushuaia offer mountains, sea, forest and small sinuous rivers.

Canal. Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego.

The main characteristic of Ushuaia is its isolation: it is the southernmost city in the world, and that makes it even more special. It took over three and a half centuries since the first European found this region for the “white man” to settle here.

The first attempt of modern population in the 20th century in Ushuaia, the prision (presidio), was the center of the life here during fifty years. In the 1970s, an industrial promotion law favored the growth of the city, which eventually transformed it from being a small village of 5,000 inhabitants to a city of some 70,000.

Canal. Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego.

Tierra del Fuego has an average annual temperature of 5 ° C (similar to that of any refrigerator). It’s climate is unstable, unpredictable, but mild, moderate.

Towards the end of October the sun rises little around 5 AM and goes past 8 PM. The longest days take place at the end of December, when it dawns before 4 AM and the sunset leaves light after 11 PM.

Canal. Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego.

The restaurants in Ushuaia serve specialties of the area: spider crab, seafood, hake, Fueguian lamb. Ushuaia also has casinos, craft and souvenir shops, an important network of ATMs and cultural activities that can be found at www.turismoushuaia.com

Ushuaia is also the gateway to the White Continent. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about Antarctica you need.