Esmeralda Lagoon
(November - March)

A relaxed way to enjoy a magical place near Ushuaia, with a lot of information and in good company

A medium difficulty walk to make the most of the Austral Summer days.

Key Details:

A colorful hike to celebrate the Fuegian nature in a valley near Ushuaia.

Lunch & drinks included
For ages 12 and up

Available in open groups
and in private, exclusive services!
How to book from abroad


From the end of October until mid March, we offer a service with an emphasis on the human exchange that tourism enables as a great opportunity to enjoy, share and learn. Our guides, in love with Tierra del Fuego, offer personalized attention so as to ensure you enjoy one of the emblematic places of the Fuegian valleys.

High-top hiking boots for ankle stability are required (not optional).

We recommend:

We offer this excursion in small open groups and in personalized experiences. Together we can create a trip tailored to the interests and expectations of any number of people.


8:30am - 3pm *

*8:30 - Departure from your hotel.

A few kilometers from Ushuaia, the Tierra Mayor Valley and the primitive forest begin to open up to welcome us for a walk to reach one of the gems in Tierra del Fuego.

*9:30 - Start of the walk through the forest.

The beginning of the walk is through the primitive forest, which for at least 7000 years made life possible for the first inhabitants in these latitudes.

*10:00 - Out of the forest and across the Tierra Mayor Valley.

Leaving the forest, surrounded by mountains, we find ourselves in a dreamlike landscape: an imposing valley surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

The glacial water of the Esmeralda River encounters the engineering feats of the beavers, that found some sort of a paradise here: Surrounded by plenty of food, and despite of the absence of predators, they still apply themselves to their favorite entertainment: the construction of dams.

Many of the glacial valleys of Tierra del Fuego are covered in peat: a dark brown, spongy mass of organic material, that grew up from the bottom of the lakes, that still keep most of its water.

Only if the guide considers it necessary, you will be offered rubber boots, the kind used on rainy days, to wade through some marshy areas. We recommend not depending on these last-resort footware to take the excursion and, instead, wear suitable boots, and perhaps bring spare shoes with you.

The walk to the Esmeralda Lagoon does not present much of a challenge to exercise-loving travelers. With the appropriate clothing, this walk is quite easy and very panoramic.

After crossing the valley, we leave behind the lenga forest and begin a sustained ascent along a slightly steep slope.

The Esmeralda Lagoon is located at the foot of the Ojo de Albino glacier, between Cerro Bonete and Cordón Toribio in an area of ​​wonderful chromatic amplitude.

The Esmeralda River foreshadows our arrival to Esmeralda lagoon, where we will stop  for lunch before we start our way back.

*11:30 - Arrival at Laguna Esmeralda and lunch.

Reaching the Esmeralda Lagoon, one of the most impressive landscapes in this region, more than rewards the effort invested.

We will enjoy Esmeralda Lagoon and its imposing surroundings while having lunch and drinks (included).

*13:00 - We start the return hike...

With the views of Nature, with its colors that vary between October and April, we take back wonderful views.

The way back becomes shorter, in a little steep descent, with new panoramic views.

*14:30 - Back to our vehicle.

We say goodbye to the valley and the peaceful Fuegian forest before hopping on the vehicle that will takes us back to the city.

*15:00 Back in Ushuaia!

* Approximate hours. The order and schedule of activities may change as the tour unfolds. Between October and March, the schedule varies according to the length of the days.

Lunch & drinks included
For ages 12 and up

Available in open groups
and in private, exclusive services!
How to book from abroad

As a private tour, we can make this experience a “tailor-made trip”! With the exclusive attention of guides, specialized in serving any number of passengers from all over the world.