How to dress
& other considerations

To ensure everyone's happiness and safety when exploring valleys, rivers, lagoons, mountains, the sea coast or a glacier, we need to agree in advance, among other things, on the type of clothing and footwear required to enjoy our hiking excursions:

  • Required footwear:

The clothing and footwear required (not optional, but mandatory) are essential for walks on the rugged, damp and rocky terrains in Tierra del Fuego, and our passengers must bring those for our hiking tours. 

  • Required clothing:

Along with the mandatory high-top hiking boots and the waterproof jacket, we also recommend: 

  • Physical fitness:

On our walking open-group excursions, we receive passengers from all over the world and of all ages from 12 years old, as long as they are up to the physical demand of being able to keep up with a group of enthusiastic hikers.

Depending on the level of difficulty of each hike, we require easily identifiable levels of fitness and mobility:

If the hiking guides notice that you do not have the required high-top hiking boots to ensure ankle stability, the appropriate clothing for the climate conditions of Tierra del Fuego, or consider that you don't have the fitness level necessary to reach your destination, they can choose to exclude you of the group for not complying with these requirements, and you will not receive a refund.

For the rest of our tours, it will be enough to keep in mind that in this area the weather is very changeable, there may be a rainy morning, a sunny afternoon and then it gets cloudy or rains again. It is said that we have the 4 seasons of the year in one day, although the most common things here are wind and cold.

Since the weather is very capricious, we do not cancel our excursions due to rain, but we always recommend that our passengers dress "like an onion" since, if it is a sunny day, it can be pleasant but very cool when the sun hides behind the clouds.

We can adapt our excursions as private services, so that we can try and reach the destination of your choosing at your own pace. Let's get in touch!