Gable Island & Penguin Colony

+ Sea Kayak

A two-day tour to fully enjoy the most serene and wild places of the Beagle Channel.

Two days of exploration of the Beagle Channel, as it has been for 7000 years, from the sea, in protected areas of Tierra del Fuego.

Key Details:

One of our two-day explorations of Tierra del Fuego. Much more than observing penguins, a genuine approach to History and Nature.

Two Days
Full Board
For 1 to 5 persons*
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 *For ages 16 +


In 2001 we created the total tour: we cross a glacial valley to follow the course of the longest river on the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego to its mouth in the Beagle Channel, which we will explore in canoes

On the first day, by motor boat we will visit two islands that are private nature reserves of the Harberton ranch. On Martillo Island, we will see the Magellanic and Gentoo penguins that arrive in summer to nest there.

On the huge and panoramic Gable Island we will walk exploring its untouched nature . At night, we camp and the next day we get ready early to continue our sea adventure in double touring kayaks until snack time.


Day 1: 8am
Day 2: 6:30pm *

*08:00 - From the hotel we travel East, towards Harberton Ranch.

Ushuaia is far away behind, after crossing the Tierra Mayor Valley and the primeval forest along the Lasifashaj River, and we've reached one of the most beautiful views of the Beagle Channel: Bahía Brown.

*10:15 Lashifashaj River & canoeing on the Beagle Channel.

After a technical and safety briefing given along with the equipment (rubber boots, splash pants, life jackets and a paddle), we are now ready to go downstream to reach the Beagle Channel!

At the Beagle Channel, the horizon widens enormously, and brings back the stories of the first inhabitants of this land, and the adventure of the first Europeans.

Leaded by experienced guides, with the adequate logistics -hewn over two decades- this safe exploration of the Beagle Channel's Nature and history is as relaxed as it is exciting!

*12:15 - Transfer to Harberton Ranch's main house area.

From an approach that connects the two initial cultures of Tierra del Fuego: that of the Yámana and that of the Anglican settlers, we arrive at Harberton ranch and its port.

*12:30 - Motorboat navigation to Gable Island.

We will reach two private nature reserves of Estancia Harberton: the Martillo and Gable Islands, at one of the most distant points East from Ushuaia.

*12:50 - Arrival at the Martillo Island penguin colony.

Our approach to the penguins of the Beagle Channel privileges respect for their space and their tranquility and peace on land. We will see them from the coast: where they are most active, without disturbing them.

We reached the highest point of the excursion: the private natural reserve of Gable Island, where -with our specialized guides- you can relive the history of this area before tourism.

*13:45 - Lunch with drinks included.

The menu includes snacks (pickles, olives, cheese). The main course is hake en papillote with rustic potatoes. For dessert, panna cotta. Drinks, coffee and tea are included. Vegetarians and coeliacs can count on an alternative menu if requested in advance.

*15:00 - Hike around Gable Island

Gable Island, our favorite place in Tierra del Fuego, comprehensively represents the first history of Tierra del Fuego, prior to the founding of Ushuaia. 

Already on the southern coast of Gable Island, we will have a totally unusual panoramic view of the Beagle Channel from the viewpoint at the height of the "gables", a glacial formation that inspired the metaphorical name given to it by the Anglican settlers, the first "white men" to settle here.

From the height of the cliffs at Gable Island, we have an immense view of the Beagle Channel, in the direction of Ushuaia and very close to Puerto Williams.

*18:00 - Preparation for the night and camping

There will be time to relax, walk around and set up the tents before dinner.

*08:00 a 9:30 Breakfast and preparation for Sea Kayak

The day begins with the preparations for a new adventure, along new shores.

*Día 2: Gable Island - Bahía Brown - Ushuaia. 

In a double sea kayak, we will rediscover majestic beaches and corners the Yámana, natives of this landscape, expored in their fragile tree bark canoes.

*13:30 - Paddling through Paso Guaraní, Isla Waru, Isla Upu and the old landing strip of Estancia Harberton. 

On this day you will see intact beaches, thousands of seabirds and, very often, sea lions that tend to approach, curious and friendly.

*15:30 End of kayaking.

At Bahía Brown, the activity ends in double kayaks crossing the sea. With a wonderful view of the Beagle Channel, comienza our return to the city.

This excursion leaves us back at the hotel or anywhere in the city center with an unforgettable experience of the life of those who preceded us on their way through Ushuaia.

*Approximate hours. The order and schedule of activities may change as the tour develops.

Two Days
Full Board
For 1 to 5 persons*
Ask for a quote

 *For ages 16 +

As a private tour, we can make this experience a “tailor-made trip”! With the exclusive attention of guides specialized in serving any number of passengers from all over the world.