Lakes Off-Road
Winter Version

The first off-road tour in Tierra del Fuego, and the most recommended since 1997.

The most recommended on TripAdvisor by passengers from all over the world. An ideal way to take a break from skiing in Ushuaia!

Key Details:

A fun tour, with beautiful scenery and a great lunch in the woods!

Lunch and drinks included
Price in open group:
AR$ 60 000*

How to book from abroad

 *30% discount for children aged 4 to 11


We created this fun and adventurous experience in 1997 to allow all types of travelers to enjoy an exhilarating experience in nature.

We ensure a fun, safe and comfortable excursion that allows you to find and enjoy the wonderful views of the mountains and the forest along the Escondido and Fagnano lakes.

This panoramic tour also includes a great lunch, with a good Patagonian red wine in a quiet, comfortable and cozy place in the primeval forest, and a genuine contact with the largest lake in Tierra del Fuego.


9am to 4pm *

*09:30 - Tour through the "Carbajal" and "Tierra Mayor" valleys

From the hotel, in half an hour we will have left Ushuaia. Heading North along route 3, we will see impressive glacial valleys, mountains and snow-covered forests.

*11:00 - Route 3: crossing the Andes mountain range

Along route 3 we will enjoy the landscapes of the Andes Mountains. Little by little, we will gain height.

*11:30 - Garibaldi Pass: Panoramic view of the Escondido Lake

At our stop at the crossing of the Andes through the Garibaldi Pass, we have the first view of Lago Escondido, which we will cover in its entirety, from South to North.

*12:30 - Off-Road (through the forest)

We have already left Lake Escondido behind, and also the Route 3. Through the access to a sawmill, we enter the forest that for more than 7,000 years has given this area a unique character.

Off the road, we begin to explore and appreciate - very comfortably - the nature and mystery of the silent deep forest.

We do not tell much in advance about this part, in which we go across the forest towards the shore of Lake Fagnano... It is better to enjoy a first hand experience!

*13:00 - Off-Road... on Lake Fagnano!

We have already crossed, from South to North, the Andes and after leaving behind Lake Escondido, we will arrive at Lake Fagnano through the forest. Now we'll head West enjoying unforgettable views of the mountains that feed it.

The imposing Lake Fagnano crosses Tierra del Fuego from East to West. Its almost 100 kilometers of coastline can be enjoyed at each stop on our journey.

Heading to a secret place, we will go off-road along a very important portion of the shores of the huge Fagnano Lake... and where there is no shoreline... we will have to go by water!

Throughout several stops with wonderful views, we will be able to make contact with little-known places of the extensive coast.

*13:15 - Arrival to the refuge

Just 80 kilometers from Ushuaia, the secret forest welcomes us serenely. After filling our souls with memories and adventure, it's time to take care of the body!

With time to enjoy the forest a few steps from the great lake, in our comfortable and warm refuge, we open a Patagonian Malbec and start nibbling some snacks while we wait for the main course

*13:30 - Lunch with drinks included

Just in time, the rest of the menu arrives:
Choripán (grilled, Argentine-style sausage), grilled steaks and salad. Dessert. Wine, soft drinks, bottled water.
Vegetarians and celiacs also have an excellent lunch available with prior reservation.

*14:45 - We start heading back...

About to return, a few steps from our refuge, we say goodbye to Lake Cami, the "big water", today called Lake Fagnano.

On the way back to the city, the last light of winter renews the views of the Andes and the serene valleys near Ushuaia.

*16:00 Back in Ushuaia!

This effortless adventure leaves us back in the city, at the hotel, or anywhere else centrally located, with a new and unforgettable perspective of Tierra del Fuego, and how much there is to see.

* Approximate hours. The order and schedule of activities may change as the tour unfolds. Between July and September, the schedule varies according to the length of the days.

Lunch and drinks included
Price in open group:
AR$ 60 000*
How to book from abroad

 *30% discount for children aged 4 to 11

As a private tour, we can make this experience a “tailor-made trip”! With the exclusive attention of guides specialized in serving any number of passengers from all over the world, and families with children under 4 years of age.