Sea Kayak Gable Island
(October - April)

Far from the conventions of tourism, we recover an ancient custom in the peace and freedom of the nature of the Beagle Channel.

An incomparable natural, historical and personal experience in protected areas of Tierra del Fuego

Key Details:

Enjoy the experience of paddling in a legendary site, with the best specialized guides, the appropriate equipment, and in the adequate safety conditions.

Full -Day
Lunch and drinks included
For 1 to 5 persons*
Ask for a quote

 *For ages 16 +


For enjoying this experience in double sea kayaks, you do not need to be an athlete nor have any previous experience. It will suffice to know and to be able to swim -if necessary- and being mindful of the instructions of the guide, having team spirit and respect for Nature

We offer this excursion in small open groups and in personalized experiences. Together we can create a trip tailored to the interests and expectations of any number of people.


8am to 6:30pm *

*08:00 to 9:30 Transfer to the starting point; equipping and technical talk.

Dressed for the occasion, with our professional guides the paddling will be calm and stable, in double sea kayaks, with all the needed safety measures.

*10:30 - Beginning of the paddle through the Beagle Channel.

This activity has you as the most important protagonist. In return, it requires effort. Surrounded by Nature, this is a way of approaching a way of life that has been lost in history: that of the nomads of the sea.

*12:30 Arrival to Gable Island. Stop for lunch.

To make the most out of this experience, the guides propose an itinerary that adapts to the wind conditions that, if the guide deems to be too unforgiving, can determine the cancellation of the activity.

*13:30 - Paddling through Paso Guarani, Isla Waru, Isla Upu and the old landing strip of Estancia Harberton

In a double sea kayak, we will rediscover majestic beaches and corners where the Yámana, natives of this landscape, used to explore in their fragile tree bark canoes.

*15:30 End of rowing.

This day you will see untouched beaches, thousands of seabirds and very often, sea lions that usually approach us, curious and friendly.

This sea kayak excursion leaves us back at the hotel or anywhere in the city center with an unforgettable experience of the life of those who preceded us on their way through Ushuaia.

* Approximate hours. The order and schedule of activities may change as the tour develops.

Full -Day
Lunch and drinks included
For 1 to 5 persons*
Ask for a quote

 *For ages 16 +

As a private tour, we can make this experience a “tailor-made trip”! With the exclusive attention of guides, specialized in serving any number of passengers from all over the world.