National Park

Trekking & Canoeing Winter Version

Activities out of the ordinary, in almost unknown places, far beyond conventional tourism.

A fun and active experience, focused on exploring places inaccessible otherwise.

Key Details:

Seeing the Tierra del Fuego National Park from within the Lapataia Bay is a unique experience

Lunch and drinks included
Price in open group:
AR$ 49 000*
How to book from abroad

 *30% discount for children aged 5 to 11


In 1998, we created a tour to explore the West of Ushuaia, where Tierra del Fuego National Park is located, to go canoeing down a river, through a lagoon and the sea: inside Bahía Lapataia! In addition, we enjoy the short and easy walks open during Winter

We suggest dressing as for skiing, and wearing hiking boots (mid or high shaft preferred).

We recommend:

At noon, we will have a good lunch with drinks in a panoramic and serene place. Far from the noisy crowds of tourists, that crowd into places alien to nature.

In a true leading role, and under the care of specialized guides, you will explore the secrets of Tierra del Fuego National Park with all safety and comfort. The canoe activity is optional, and can be replaced with a vehicle ride and a short, easy hike. Nevertheless, we encourage you to enjoy your first canoeing experience with us, as thousands of travelers from all over the world do since 1998!


8:30am to 4:30pm *

*09:30 - Arrival from the hotel to the End of the World Station

About 40 minutes from the hotel, at the station you can decide whether or not to get on the train (1 hour, ticket not included). The alternative that we propose is not to board it and watch it leave, to spend more time inside the National Park.

*10:00 - Entrance to the National Park and meeting at the end of the train route

After a short and easy walk to enjoy Nature within the Tierra del Fuego National Park, we will meet again with those who have chosen to arrive by train, and now reunited, we will explore the area.

*11:30 - Technical talk and preparation to get on the canoes

In addition to walks through the forest and along the coast of rivers, lagoons and Lake Acigami, a unique, safe and fun experience awaits us at Bahía Lapataia.

The weather is not usually an obstacle to start with a talk that will give us the necessary information to enjoy safely and calmly.

In very stable and safe canoes, with experienced guides, this tour notably expands the map of the National Park to areas otherwise inaccessible.

Already "inside the landscape" we enjoy a first-person approach to the life of the nomads of the sea, who preceded us in canoe navigation at the end of the world.

*12:30 - Arrival at Bahía Lapataia.

Those who do not wish to reach Bahía Lapataia like the Yámana (by sea, although wearing much more clothes) will reach the end of the Pan-American route in our vehicle.

*13:00 - Lunch and drinks included

In a panoramic site and away from the noise of conventional tourism, in our exclusive heated, comfortable and very spacious dome shelter, lunch arrives!

Lunch includes pumpkin soup, chicken casserole, dessert, bottled water, wine and soda. We offer alternatives for vegetarians and coeliacs with prior reservation.

*14:30 - Short walks through Lake Acigami (ex Roca), Laguna Verde and Río Ovando.

We will explore all the most renowned places, hiking along the authorized trails of the National Park.

Every day, the National Park changes its appearance: its views change along the seasons, and also after each Winter night!

In addition to visiting places that are not very crowded, we will enjoy all the panoramic points, such as those of the Laguna Verde and the Ovando River.

Along the coast of Lake Acigami (known for a short time as Lake Roca), Mount Cóndor accompanies us on our journey through the beautiful views of Winter.

If snow conditions make it necessary, the guides would provide snowshoes to walk safely on soft snow or hard ice, so as to enjoy the places where the mountains reach the sea.

*15:15 - We start heading back...

From Lapataia Bay, after completing the most comprehensive tour of the Tierra del Fuego National Park, we will return to the hotel.

This natural adventure leaves us back at the hotel or any other central location, with an unforgettable perspective of the Tierra del Fuego National Park: Lake Acigami (ex-Roca), the Cormoranes Archipelago, the Lapataia and Ovando rivers, the Laguna Verde and the sea, in Lapataia Bay, along places that very few get to know.

* Approximate hours. The order, duration and schedule of the activities may change as the tour develops.

Lunch and drinks included
Price in open group:
AR$ 49 000
How to book from abroad

 *30% discount for children aged 5 to 11

As a private tour, we can make this experience a “tailor-made trip”! With the exclusive attention of guides specialized in serving any number of passengers from all over the world.